About Us

Renewal Computer Services writes and sells its own software utilities.

Most of the utilities are in source code form, may include binaries, run on windows in general, may run on DOS (that means the old pre-windows DOS) if you see __DJGPP__ in its code and is compilable with DJGPP on XP 32-bit such as XP Mode, are usually generic enough to work on *nix.  I cannot provide *nix binaries because the build tree is not on *nix, and I can no longer provide DOS binaries because my current platform does not offer a command.com.

GUI-based (ones with a windowed interface) run on windows only and require wxWidgets to compile. wxWidgets is not too hard to compile for VC++ just look in the /wxwidgets-3.1.0/build/ and look for the appropriate Makefile and I would assume you use nmake -f Makefile.msw or similar commandline. There are also existing binaries you can use. I am still in the process of converting those GUI utilities to wxWidgets. so I need some time to convert those - I am still learning wxWidgets.

If you have questions, comments or concerns about your order or the content found within this website, please feel free to contact us via telephone or email if you need support.