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PC Specification Layout

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Part Number:PC-Specification-Layout
PC/ATX/ETX/Server/dc Specification layout
  • Layout means the specification lacks certain details which the implementers can iron out amongst themselves.
  • Currently the SSD filesystem is still being written and is not up for discussion or debate by outside forces., may take 2 years or less to implement depending on how many people fight against me - I want it done right, period, and people don't seem to like that. tough.
  • this specification layout is not to be haggled at or ruined by anybody or you will lose the priviledge to use the specification period. God-enforced since it's his specification only.
  • You will like what you see, I guarantee it, unless you are a bad guy or are not interested in tech items.
  • low wattage!!

  • 1/26/2018: not currently uploaded to the server for availability, so do not purchase.
  • hardware implementation only at this point.
  • the SSD controller algorithm is implementable in hardware as an ASIC or FPGA, better as 2 ASICs.  see an ASIC design class in your area, try a technical college NOT.
  • Jim Michaels is to get an ATX machine and a dc machine (with installation) and his wife needs a dc box.
  • IMPORTANT: dc and server requires requires each a special new style server or dc jack for placement and transport.
  • hard drives are not to be used in this spec, it is TOO MUCH POWER. use VNAND flash, which material is available in Virginia, USA. it is to be used for SSD's only (or you will have to account with God himself).
  • write-only drives and short-changed solutions are not to be used in implementation.

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