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Software License Template

Your Price: $10.00
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Part Number:Software_License
  • allows for minimal refunds
  • free to churches and family
  • company/org distribution rights
CITY, STATE ZIP (private address)
YOUR PHONE NUMBER support calls, (no curses, examine your compiler first, I have had lots of trouble there)
- free to para-church organizations and churches (no cults) until 5/1/2029, after which, still no cults or new age places.
- free to good non-para-church organizations, except planned parenthood and atheist organizations, satanists, unicef, and such.
- generally free to folks who can't afford it
- you are purchasing a copy of the software, not the software itself.
    (I need to make a living, and there are purposes for the money)
- software is per organization, developer, or user, whichever is applicable first,
    unless it is for hire then it is per group.
    for a developer it is per developer.
    same for performance on the internet, except for PRODUCT.
- unavailable to folks who "blast at YOUR NAME".
- USA and Canada only for now until situations change.
- generally $10USD each per developer (libraries) or user (utilities), some items more.
    if a library is required which costs additional for a utility, ignore that cost.
- you may modify the code to suit your needs, but not for bad.
- this software is not for reading or use outside the USA and Canada.
- you may make as many backup copies as you want at no extra charge.
- no fear. 1 John 4:18 I suggest you look it up right now. I am not allowed to quote it here.
    and it certainly seems to have been destructive towards my source code.
    Ecclesiastes 12:13 (God) is whom you should fear (an old word here, strong's 3373),
    along with Romans 13:7 (government folk), and Matthew 10:28 (fear God over man).
- permission is given to use the libraries and executable software in commercial,personal, and
    other circumstances, but not for bad.
- this software is not for redistribution except within an organization or company.
    unless you are a church or parachurch or paraministry organization, you should have paid a price for the software you obtained (unless it was free).
    kids can redistribute as necessary because they cannot buy it, but they cannot have the high end stuff like PRODUCT or PRODUCT,
        it's too much brain-freeze for youngsters and they should focus on being themselves, not moguls.
    please consider my plight when it comes to costs.
- this software is not for resale by anyone other than me, and YOUR BUSINESS NAME in LOCATION.
- A Proviso to the license is provided with this SSD provided they have purchased a corporate license for $5000,
    in that it is licensed per corporation and is allowed to be served up over a network any way that choose,
    but not over the internet to the public eye.
- if you bought a utility that uses a library and later want to use the library in some software, you
    will need to purchase a separate license for the library, so it will be a minimum of 2 costs.
- this software is licensed from YOUR NAME DBA YOUR BUSINESS NAME to the user.
- nobody but YOUR NAME the software engineer at YOUR BUSINESS NAME is allowed to copyright
    the code which does not come from examples and documentation from third parties.
    If it is not yours, you may not copyright it. My code is not copyrighted. it is to stay that
    way unless I change it. I am not signing it over to a third party at this time.
- you are free to have a copy of the software to examine to see if you like it (or fits your needs). good purpose only again.
- keep refunds to a minimum. It's God's money.
- my code is not copyrightable and is generally not copyrighted. do not copyright it.
- code may be transferred to another user without any paperwork.
    for instance, gift registry to a spouse or girlfriend or boyfriend or to a friend.
- A and B can use my code for free.
- my family can use my code for free.

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