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c++ string functions and I/O library. too numerous to list here. just once, try it and find out.

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  • vector string functions, string functions
  • compare_bool(string,string.icase,...) has non-default lexical-order algorithm show up to 10x speed improvement over stricmp., compare_int(string,string,icase,...) for stricmp/strcmp like operation
  • vector string related functions, vector of vector of string related functions,
  • file I/O functions to string, vector of string, vector of vector of string
  • istreamGetline for std::string and ifstream for std::string
  • text reformatting functions (like word processor) is being worked on
  • number<-->string conversion using sstream, stringlower, stringupper stringtpchar, chartostring, booltostring, stringtobool
  • v4 compare_int and compare_bool broken due to compilers bad logic handling
  • non-crash replacement for strcmp, stricmp, has testable error return info, tests for pointer memory wrap and returns error if that's the case
  • string to range function
  • stringSplit from string to vector of string, stringJoin from vector of string to string, has case insensitivity, etc
  • file to/from string/vector of string/vector of integer/vector of vector of string (lines of words)
  • stringReplace that works correctly with both options!
  • find_vsizet (under testing) which returns vector of size_t, find_sizet which returns size_t
  • compare_bool (string comparison with boolean result, has substring handling), compare_int with int result and error reporting value (still works folks) with substring handling (you check first)
140+ C++ functions that work on vector of string, vector of uint64_t, has string split and join that work both ways, whitespace handling functions.
strnicmp that works with source, compile for any vendor (wait on gcc though).

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