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col - reformat text or text file(s) into different number of columns

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  • can indent paragraphs any amount, paragraph being defined as 3 sentences
  • reformat text to m columns
  • can remove hyphenation and ignore space dash space
  • knows what the end of a sentence is
  • blank lines stay blank lines
  • can compress whitespace
  • NOT WORKING YET, not sure why
col - reformat text into specified number of columns
col [switches] [filepathOr- ...]
   [-[-]?|/?|-[-]h[elp]|/h[elp]] this help.
   [-[-]version|/version] gives verison information.
   [-[-]rewrite-file-in|/rewrite-file-in filepath ...] writes same file with different (lesser) number of columns.
   [-[-]file-in-out/file-in-out infilepath outfilepath [infilepath outfilepath...]] recolumns infilepath and writes to outfilepath. infilepath and outfilepath are pairs of files.
   [-[-]cols|/cols numberOfColumns] set numberOfColumns for the current list of documents.
   [-[-]ask-cols|/ask-cols infilepath ...] ask for longestline for each of list of documents.
   [-[-]remove-hyphens|/remove-hyphens] remove hyphenation before line reformatting. use with -cols.
   [-[-]compress-whitespace|/compress-whitespace] compress whitespace to single whitespace when using -file-in-out or -rewrite-file-in. use with -cols.
   [-[-]tabify|/tabify newtabsize] re-tabify document using newtabsize during post-processing when using -file-in-out or -rewrite-file-in. use with -cols.
   [-[-]oldtabsize|/oldtabsize oldtabsize] untabify document using oldtabsize during pre-processing when using -file-in-out or -rewrite-file-in. use with -cols.
   [-[-]remove-whitespace-words|/remove-whitespace-words] remove all-whitespace 'words' during pre-processing when using -file-in-out or -rewrite-file-in. use with -cols.
   [-[-]indent|/indent integerIndentAmount] indent indentIntegerAmount when reformatting a file with -file-in-out or -rewrite-file-in. use with -cols.
- whitespace in this program can be treated as a word during pre-processing.
- indent of 0 means no indent after .?! at end of word.
- hyphens are automatically removed from the end of a word and the next word is joined to it when reformatting is done.
- program can only write a lesser number of columns than what already is in the document.
- filepath of - is stdin or stdout depending on context.
Example: col -ask-cols testfile.txt
Example: col -cols -remove-whitespace-words -oldtabsize 8 -tabify 8 -compress-whitespace -remove-eols -remove-hyphens -file-in-out testfile.txt testfile-out.txt
God's idea.

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