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eolconvert - converts end-of-line characters in files from *nix to dos/win and back

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  • handles old mac (CR), *nix (LF) (input only) and Windows/DOS (CR+LF)
  • can strip and re-add EOL character sequences (CR, LF)
  • does not allow lf output on purpose - get those *ix files converted, folks!
  • moderately fast
  • it is not suggested that you use this with for /r or find unless you know what you are doing
eolconvert: convert end-of-line characters for file
usage: eolconvert optionalSwitches filepaths
  [-[-]h[elp]|/h[elp]] this help.
  [-[-]version|/version] version
  [-[-]copyright[s]|/copyright[s]] copyrights info.
  [-[-]license[s]|/license[s]] license info.
  [-[-]old-mac-to-dos|/old-mac-to-dos|-[-]old-mac-to-win|/old-mac-to-win|-[-]cr-to-crlf|/cr-to-crlf] old mac cr to DOS/Win crlf conversion.
  [-[-]old-mac-in|/old-mac-in|-[-]cr-in|/cr-in] cr-only input.
  [-[-]old-nix-to-dos|/old-nix-to-dos|-[-]old-nix-to-win|/old-nix-to-win|-[-]lf-to-crlf|/lf-to-crlf] old *nix lf to DOS/Win crlf conversion.
  [-[-]old-nix-in|/old-nix-in|-[-]lf-in|/lf-in] lf-only input.
  [-[-]dos-in|/dos-in|windows-in|/windows-in|-[-]crlf-in/crlf-in] crlf in-only input.
  [-[-]d[etect]|/d[etect]] detect from file
  [-[-]cr-in|/cr-in] old mac cr in.
  [-[-]cr-out|/cr-out] old mac cr out.
  [-[-]crlf-in|/crlf-in] windows/dos crlf in (defacto standard from years ago adm-3a terminal circa late 1970's).
  [-[-]crlf-out|/crlf-out] windows/dos crlf out(defacto standard from years ago adm-3a terminal circa late 1970's). This is the default.
  [-[-]lf-in|/lf-in] old *nix lf in.
  [-[-]lfcr-in|/lfcr-in] lfcr-only input where bad examples in programming or lack of knowledge has gotten the crlf characters swapped.
  [-[-]out-none|/out-none] specifies no output EOL characters to replace with. this will strip the input EOL chars out.
will do nothing until a switch is used. should be intuitive to use. may need a switch for input and a switch for output.
Example: eolconvert -lf-in -crlf-out somefile.cpp
Example: eolconvert fileinout

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