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js lib - almost all my useful js files I use.

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  • Array.equals, arrays, atoi64, atoldmath, dollar-commas, encode-decode-entities,getid,getidmathfield,geturlargs
  • img-shrink,imgArrayConcat,js-include,last-modified,objectwalk,platform-detect,setiddatetime,table,tolowercase
  • typeof,zeropad
for Dynamic HTML pages: Array.prototype.equals, arrays, dollar-commas, encode-decode-entities, getid, getidmathfield, geturlargs, imgArrayConcat img-shink, js-include (sort of works, will be superseded and not by import), last-modified, objectwalk, platform-detect, setdatetime, table, toLowerCase, zeropad.

js-include does not work as expected, so consider it an experiment or an idea. Really need as a language feature and not an external file.

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