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menu generator for php. XML menu tree.for HTML,XHTML,PHP,ASPX.can exclude using filepath list.does insertion between special comments and generates sitemap.xml.Templates,css,tab,tree,breadcrumb menu provided.

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  • using this menu for bad breaks the license and you get nothing
  • user-configurable config-file, functions to insert important href stuff into URLs for meta tags
  • php files and xml file not for direct use on the internet (admins would get upset)
  • multiple versions for different versions of PHP included, 7a suggested
  • batch files to make things easy (windows)
  • breadcrumb menu for large sites with tree of pages and 1+ pages
  • tab menu for 1-8 pages
  • js tree menu for 1-100-pages (anything more and page gets too heavy for dialup, then upgrade to breadcrumb)
  • includes left-hand menu templates using table layout.
menu generator meant for executing locally, not on the server, so do not upload the files to the server, it will not go well - slow and useless, and not meant to run that way.
Run the menu generator when you make a menu change to the menu xml file you maintain.
handles lots of files quickly.
I have not figured out yet how to keep the menu locally, but I suspect that the localized web page would be too big for 32-bit browsers to load after stuffing the XML in it (you can do that), and you can't have a localized xml extraction either because that would still require a run.
Nicest feature about this is that you can wind up with a pretty secure HTML+CSS+JS site.

bug in menu7a fixed, don't know how it got there. something may have backreved my files again.

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