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phone - converts phone letters to digits, commandline, does not dial.

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  • converts phone letters to digits and leaves other characters as-is
  • internet browser version

C++ version (*ix, windows, etc), Dynamic HTML version (.html ), and GUI version coming when I can figure it out.

Got a smartphone and the keyboard doesn't convert phone letters to numbers/digits?
Don't have your phone handy to convert a lettered phone number?
Don't like figuring out which letters they are on the phone keypad?
Then this program is for you.

Does not dial.
you click the button and itr converts phone letters to digits.

for smartphone apps, I found dialpad seems to work fine (it's not mine, but seems to work). 

Wed 05/30/2018 20:31:02.81|>phone 1-800-NetZero

    1-800-NetZero --->> 1-800-6389376

Wed 05/30/2018 20:59:25.97|>

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