Renewal Computer Services, a home-based Software Engineering business, producing commandline utilities, specification layouts, and libraries in multiple computer languages (JS, for PHP, C++ mostly, C).
Don't knock it until you see it, just get it and look at it first and see if you like it.

Please remember to check back sooner than you think.
This is for Christians right now. Do not mark, stamp, patent, trademark, copyright, or register my products.
Updated: 12:13 PM 8/19/2018
free through August 2019 (you download, you get to keep afterwards).
1-360-209-5351 (call/voice mail only) any time of day or night. Leave a voice mail if I am not available.

Don't ask me "How I got it". I wrote it under God's inspiration.

Threading model can be used for antivirus for example, such as thread per disk if multiple disks, or 1 disk and thread per file, yes, it can be that efficient and delightful to use.


Renewal Computer Services
1303 NE 87th Ave
Vancouver, WA 98664 (private address)
1-360-209-5351 support calls, (no curses, examine your compiler first, I have had lots of trouble there)
updated: 1:22 AM 8/19/2018

- if you have gotten my software for free and want to resell it, 
the answer is no unless you make some changes to the source code (not specifications) 
that do not include changing or removing the authorship on the header or adding derogatory content.
- have nothing to do with the dyed-in-the-wool cults, mormonism included and sda also.
- do not mark, patent, trademark, copyright, service mark, public domain, auction, stamp,
or register (as in registered via my products.
in other words, don't be mean about your use of my products please.
you can say "xyz library not copyrighted."
- no returns
- not for medical use at this time.
- the replacement license is to be used instead of the old license. if something strange is in it, call me up.
- resale within USA is permitted provided 90% of my retail price to the Renewal Computer Services in Vancouver, WA.
- this software is not for reading or use outside the USA and Canada.
- USA government and Central Registry of the USA government has burnt their bridge for the last time in attacking me. 
They do not get use of the software. But they do have good access to the materials spec. they have to be good for 1 hour at a time.
- groups: I highly suggest you obtain the whole available software collection as a group purchase (create account and change My Account and change login type)
- parachurch ministries, churches, businesses, orgs, and groups can use the software over your internal network (readonly the files?).
normally I supply files in exFAT filesystem. if you need NTFS, ext2, ext3, ext4, I can do that.
- copies or licenses of this software is not to be served up over the internet for public consumption 
without 90% of my retail price for each copy sold to Renewal Computer Services in Vancouver, WA.
- the software license sold is provided they have purchased a church/corporate/group/org license, 
and is allowed to be served up and distributed over an internal network any way that choose, 
but not over the internet to the public.
- if libraries are included with a utility, those libraries come with the utility because it's required.
- changes should not include 
plaigairism (replacing author's names on the software).
changing or removing the authorship on the header
adding derogatory content.
- if you wish to modify a utility for resale, do so, but please make it a decent change. 
- modifications are not to include removal of functions or commenting them out or making the program not work. 
- modifications do not include plaigarism.
- free to para-church organizations and churches (no cults) until 5/1/2029, after which, still no cults or new age places.
- free to good non-para-church organizations, except planned parenthood and atheist organizations, satanists, unicef, and such.
- generally free to folks who can't afford it, change My Account.
- unavailable to folks who "blast at Jim Michaels".
- you are purchasing a copy of the software, not the software itself. 
(I need to make a living, and there are purposes for the money)
- software is per organization, developer, group, or user, whichever is applicable first, 
unless it is for hire then it is per group. 
for a developer it is per developer.
can be used on a server to serve up content, except for kitchentimer - kitchentimer is not to be put on a server.
- if any of my libraries are required, they will be included at no extra cost.
- you may modify the code to suit your needs, but not for bad.
- you may make as many backup copies as you want at no extra charge.
- permission is given to use the libraries and executable software in commercial,personal, and 
other circumstances, but not for bad.
- this software is not for redistribution except within your group. 
unless you are a church or parachurch or paraministry organization, you should have paid a price for the software you obtained (unless it was free).
kids can redistribute as necessary because they cannot buy it, but they cannot have the high end stuff like disk-refresh or col or beep (use, but looking at code can be too much for a kid when you get into threading), 
it's too much brain-freeze for youngsters and they should focus on being themselves, not moguls.
please consider my plight when it comes to costs.
you can transfer or gift it to someone if you delete your old copy (that's what transfer means).

- if you bought a utility that uses a library and later want to use the library in some other software, you may.
- this software is licensed from Jim Michaels DBA Renewal Computer Services to the user or group.
- no copyrights on my code allowed, but with few exceptions via myself or my business (no thieving).
- no trademarks or marks or patents allowed on my code (no thieving, no ick).
- you are free to have a copy of the software to examine to see if you like it (or fits your needs). good purpose only again.
- no refunds for now. I can't afford them.
- my code is not copyrightable and is generally not copyrighted except for treemenu7. do not copyright it.
- code may be transferred to another user without any paperwork, just do it.
for instance, gift registry to a spouse only, friend, or family member. 
- I work hard on it. enjoy the code.