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strfind - find strings in tree of files or set of files using regex, file content, can invert, use case insensitivity, multiple file specs, multiple start dirs

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  • multiple start dirs
  • multiple file specs
  • string find using regex, can invert, case insensitivity
  • can search tree of files or set of files
  • can invert
  • can use case insensitivity
  • can read files in as input line by line through "l" (lower case L) suffix on switch, replaces switch string parameters, and you can have multiple files.
strfind - find string in files or dir tree of files
usage: strfind [switches]
  [-[-]h[elp]|/h[elp]|-[-]?|/?] this help.
  [-[-]version|/version] gives version number.
  [-[-]output|/output outfilepath] redirects output to outfilepath.
STRING SEARCH LEGEND: x=eXclude,r=extended Regex,i=Ignorecase,s=plain String search,l=listFile (replaces parameters with list filepath).
  [-[-][x]s[i][l]|/[x]s[i][l] substringOrListFile ...] print line matches of these substrings, i for ignorecase, x=exclude, s=.
  [-[-]sln|/sln|-[-]show-line-numbers|/show-line-numbers [linenumber|lineNumber..lineNumber|lineNumber..|..lineNumber ...]] show line numbers of matches (n
o parameters) and show specific line numbers.
  [-[-]ds|/ds|-[-]do-subdirs/|-[-]do-subdirs] recurse into subdirectories (do dubsirs/subfolders).
  [-[-]d[ir[s]][l]|/d[ir[s]][l] dirOrFolderPath ...] specify root dirs/folders of trees to process.
FILE/DIR LEGEND: x=eXclude,r=extended Regex,i=Ignorecase,s=String search in dir OR filename,d=Dir,f=File,l=listFile (replaces parameters with list filepath
) name or path or extension.
  [-[-][x]s[i]d[l]|/[x]s[i]d[l] icaseDirOrFolderpathSpecOrListFile ...] specify ignorecase parts/whole dirpaths/folder paths is applied with -ds switch onl
y, x=exclude.
  [-[-][x]s[i]f[l]|/[x]s[i]f[l] icaseFilepathSpecOrListFile ...] specify ignorecase parts/whole filepaths to match or x=exclude.
- you build (not as in compile) your parameters with the features you want.
- a folder is a directory/dir.
- with maybe DOS and definitely CMD shell, escape % with % to get % character, escape <>| with ^
- for 10GB  of data on windows, can take 10e9/86e6=104sec=    0 weeks 0 days 00:01:44.65:11
- for 100GB of data on windows, can take 100e9/86e6=2325sec=  0 weeks 0 days 00:19:22.79:06
- for 4TB   of data on windows, can take 4e12/86e6=34883sec=  0 weeks 0 days 09:41:23.72:09
- for 10TB  of data on windows, can take 100e9/86e6=116279sec=0 weeks 1 days 08:17:59.06:97
- for 40PB  of data on new OS,  can take 40e15/20e5=20000000000sec=33068 weeks 5 days 11:33:20.00:00
strfind -d \project-tree -ds -sif .cpp .c .hpp .h .hxx .cxx -si license Copyright (simple find c and c++ source code and look for copyrights and licenses)
strfind -d \project-tree -ds -sifl fileExtensions.txt -sil license-strings.txt (simple find copyrights and licenses in source code)
dir|strfind -ri "\\s0\\s" -sf - (escaped ^ because of cmd shell, find 0-length files)
dir > file&&strfind -sif file -xsi " 0 " (find everything but 0-length files)
God's idea, Jim Michaels programmer.

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